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Dear GREATS: One Thing I Would Do

While GREATS is very much a blank canvas, both in terms of the products and the brand, it’s less clear how this can serve new and existing customers—how they can make this blank canvas their own. Bridging this gap will help the brand grow in more…

Dear Pop & Suki: One Thing I Would Do

When Pop & Suki launched in the fall of 2016, it entered a category where shoppers already had plenty of options. But your product releases took a different direction, prioritizing individuality and personalization, rather than cookie-cutter items,…

Dear Entireworld: One Thing I Would Do

Building a traditional basics brand today is a somewhat futile quest, riddled with endless products and price deflation. The way to make it work, then, is to build a basics brand by not building a basics brand. The current manifestation of…