About Loose Threads

I started Loose Threads in 2015, a year into building a menswear line. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. The level of knowledge and focus needed to thrive was always expanding and there was never a second to rest. From day one, we were lucky enough to be around a very supportive and knowledgeable group of people who had much more experience than we did.

Even so, there were no substantial resources about how to build a fashion company in the real world, let alone one that was written after the internet radically transformed the industry. There are books and talks and articles, but they often don’t focus on important things to know going in and along the way. This first year of Loose Threads—Version I, if you will—ended in early 2016 when we shut down our menswear line. All of those posts now live in the How to start a fashion brand section. I started it because it’s something I wish I had along the way. Hopefully it fills some of the void. 

From there, Loose Threads Version II emerged as a vehicle to explore the intersection of fashion, technology and commerce. My goal is for Loose Threads to be the destination for in-depth analysis at the intersection of these three worlds. Slowly but surely, this vision is coming to fruition. And in summer 2016, I added a podcast, which takes the same ethos and presents substantive conversations with entrepreneurs, writers and leaders across fashion, technology and commerce. 

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Press Insights and Inquires

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about me 

Richie Siegel is the founder of Loose Threads, a media company known for its in-depth analysis of consumer, retail and commerce industries. The blog and podcast are well read and listened to by a range of industry leaders around the world. Prior to Loose Threads, Richie ran customer insights at a fast growing fashion/tech startup and founded a menswear line based in New York. He's fascinated by the intersection of consumer goods, retail and commerce and is always interested in going far below the surface.