Loose Threads analyzes and advises next-generation consumer companies. We work with leading brands, retailers and real estate developers to understand what is driving the consumer economy and how they can best respond to increasingly rapid change. Our expertise centers around holistic, long-term growth strategies, both online and offline. From day one, we've formed our own lens on the industries we study, ignoring conventional wisdom and the herd mentality.


Richie Siegel — Founder & CEO

Richie is the founder and lead analyst at Loose Threads, which provides research and guidance for next-generation consumer companies. He is known for a deep understanding of Amazon’s fashion play, the direct-to-consumer boom, fast fashion’s dominance and the shifting retail landscape. Fast Company named Richie’s Loose Threads Podcast one of the 10 Great Business Podcasts and his writing has been published and featured in The Business of Fashion, Fashion REDEF, Retail Dive, Lean Luxe and many other publications.

He previously ran Customer Insights at a fast-growing fashion/tech startup and founded and ran a NY-based menswear line. His operational background allows him to work at both the micro and macro level, driving growth and long-term strategy with an execution-focused mindset.

Natasha Bluth —  Head of Research and Editorial

Natasha joins Loose Threads with a diverse background in journalism and research. She has experience with field reporting and editorial management, in addition to conducting in-depth research and crafting data-driven analysis. Her editorial work spans multiple verticals, from foreign policy to business and culture, with bylines in publications including The International Business Times, PBS NewsHour, and News Deeply.

Natasha is particularly interested in how developments in the tech and media world are driving new business models and consumer behavior, as well as how globalization continues to foment and steer international business trends.

Rebekah Kondrat — Partner, FaceLift by Loose Threads

Rebekah leads retail operations at FaceLift, helping our clients build flexible yet scalable retail businesses. She was previously Director of Retail Stores at Joybird. Before that, she was the Regional Store Manager at Outdoor Voices, where she opened five retail locations across the U.S. Prior to OV, she was among the first five Store Leaders at Warby Parker, helping to build the policies and training to scale the business to 35 locations.

Before Warby Parker, she was a member of the Apple Retail team, opening the largest flagship store at the time on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She oversaw the scheduling and ongoing training of 300 employees, later becoming the Senior Manager of the highest-performing technician team in the Apple Retail fleet at Grand Central Terminal.

Work with Us

We’re a mission-driven and diverse group of entrepreneurs, strategic thinkers and industry experts deeply engaged with the consumer economy. We’re always looking for passionate people to join our team. Get in touch below if you’re interested.

Open Positions

Ethics Statement


Loose Threads analyzes and advises next-generation consumer companies. We have individual and corporate subscribers who work in the industries we cover. While we listen to our members closely to improve our offering, our analysis, opinions and writing will always remain independent—our client relationships do not inform our editorial decisions or analytical conclusions. Sometimes we will partner with companies for events and sponsorships, but these collaborations are exclusive to these events.

We sometimes write about past, present and future clients, but our business with them does not affect our research or analysis. We do not accept compensation from companies to feature them in our research, analysis, podcast or other published material.

Published material by Loose Threads does not constitute investment advice. Loose Threads has no external investors.


All Loose Threads analysts publish ethics statements, which outline any potential conflicts. Analysts certify that the views expressed in Loose Threads publications reflect the company’s views about the subject companies mentioned.

Analysts do not trade on the views expressed in Loose Threads research, unless specifically disclosed in this section. Analysts do not accept compensation from companies to feature them in Loose Threads research, analysis, podcasts or other published material.

I own a small number of stocks across a range of industries, including mutual funds and IRAs. The three stocks I own in the sectors we cover are Amazon, Shopify and Stitch Fix. Ownership of these stocks does not impact how I cover these companies or their industries more broadly. I have held these stocks for a long period of time and do not make short-term trades. I also hold personal investments in Bolt Threads and the Renewal Workshop.

Editorial Policy

At Loose Threads, we strive to provide the most comprehensive, reliable and accurate information possible, compiled from both primary and secondary sources that the company has access to. We work to update our published materials and continue our research on many topics to reflect changes in the consumer industry, but all information should be viewed relative to its publication date. When we spot inaccuracies in our work, we will issue a correction as soon as it is confirmed and explicitly outline that we have made a change.

Loose Threads publications may not be reproduced, distributed, or published without the prior consent of Loose Threads LLC.