Loose Threads Advisors

We create long-term business strategies for next-generation consumer brands. As the consumer economy rapidly evolves, companies that proactively challenge and improve their strategy will stay ahead.

Our Services

We focus on five different areas, many of which are symbiotic:

Business strategy

Evolving your core business model to effectively shift the interplay and revenue mix between wholesale, retail and direct-to-consumer sales—all for sustainable growth.

Marketing strategy

Honing what type of customers you are going after, how you are finding them, and how you are converting them.  

User-generated marketing strategy

Applying an experimental form of low-cost marketing to drive outsized results.

Custom research 

Creating bespoke surveys and research panels to answer existential questions for your business.


Stress-testing the fundamental assumptions for your prospective investments, acquisitions, and vendors.

Our Approach

The unique composition of Loose Threads enables us to go where others cannot, both faster and more economically

Domain Expertise

We have intense domain expertise within the fashion, apparel, beauty, cosmetics and CPG industries. We’ve worked with both early- and later-stage companies.

We Scale With You

We work with companies as they grow and their needs evolve, delivering value throughout their lifecycle. 

Robust Resources 

We bring capital, connections and research to the table, which are aligned with our mutual long-term focus and aim to cultivate as much expertise within your company as possible.

Flexible and Aligned Compensation 

Importantly, our business model, a sliding scale of short-term and long-term compensation, is aligned to evolve with a company as it grows.

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