Loose Threads Podcast: An Unexpected Journey to the Source — with Matt Scanlan of Naadam Cashmere

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On the 21st episode of the Loose Threads Podcast, a show about the intersection of fashion, technology and commerce, I talk with Matt Scanlan, the founder of Naadam, a direct to consumer brand that is reinventing the cashmere supply chain. Matt started Naadam on a chance encounter in Mongolia, which led him down a rabbit hole of launching an NGO, then a cashmere yarn company, and finally the digitally-native business that Naadam is known for today. 

Naadam is one of the most vertically integrated direct to consumer brands today. We talked about why this integration was necessary for Naadam to exist; how the company is approaching retail and fundraising; and how running multiple businesses under the same roof allows the company’s greater mission to come to fruition. It’s pretty cool to see all that Naadam has accomplished given the company is less than three years old. The company is yet another brand that is looking a different channels with a nuanced perspective, further proof that retail is far from dead.