Welcome to the Cut Ticket

The Cut Ticket is a running feed of musings and interesting reads at the intersection of fashion, technology and commerce. There are a lot if fascinating things happening in the space that deserve recognition but might not (yet) warrant a full post. Some threads on here will stand alone while others will evolve into longer posts on the main blog. Sometimes I'll attach commentary and other times I'll let things speak for themselves. 

I'll publish on the Cut Ticket whenever there is something worth publishing, which could be once a day, many times a day, or a few times a week. All of the threads will be tweeted on @loosethreadsxyz and end up in an email sent out every Friday, providing ample reading and thinking for the weekend. 

Cut Ticket should be a conversation, and I look forward to people submitting articles and ideas and anything in between (which you can do here). The Cut Ticket will be highly fluid and I look forward to watching it evolve. 

— Richie