Amazon looking to manage logistics on mobile devices

One of Amazon's Prime Air planes. 

Amazon is looking to build or buy an app that allows customers to manage global logistics in just a few taps, all from their mobile devices. Amazon apparently approached Flexport, the fast-growing freight startup, about an acquisition, but Flexport rebuffed the offer. Even so, vastly simplifying the logistics stack—to the point where it's as simple as booking an Uber—will be profound. 

This is yet another rung on the ladder to Amazon building a global logistics platform, which I wrote about recently for Business of Fashion. Amazon's interest—and unique ability—to abstract away many of the complexities of supply chain will likely usher in a new age of design-driven products as the barriers to entry continue to fall. Amazon will tax a piece of this ecosystem, yet another revenue stream alongside adding an immense amount of value for creators. 

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