Comme des Garçons launches CDG, taking on a new challenge: direct-to-consumer ecommerce.

What happened
  • In the lead up to the launch of CDG in July, Comme des Garçons is launching CDG Breaking News this May as a capsule collection teaser. The CDG brand will offer a range of SKUs and various collaborations, with prices running from $50 to $800.
  • After launch, CDG will be available online at and in Comme de Garçons’ Japan stores. Later, products will be available at Comme de Garçons-run Dover Street Market in Los Angeles, and then made fully available at all Comme de Garçons locations in October 2018.
Why it matters
  • CDG is the 18th label under Comme de Garçons, founded by Rei Kawakubo in 1969. Dover Street Market profits jumped 35% last year and Comme de Garçons sales rose 30% to $300 million. But for a company that built itself mastering wholesale and brick-and-mortar retail, the fact that CDG will sell direct-to-consumer—the company expects ecommerce to account for 80% of sales—is a new challenge and questions about Comme de Garçons’ authority over the ecommerce landscape resound. How will it market the brand digitally? How will CDG’s brick-and-mortar location reflect the online shopping experience? How prepared is Comme de Garçons to meet the needs of an ecommerce operation?
  • Regardless, it’s clear that CDG will not look like just another direct-to-consumer brand. Kawakubo designed herself—right now, it leads to a submission form page peppered with the CDG logo where users can sign up to receive notifications about the brand as it is rolled out.


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