Nordstrom strengthens its long-standing relationship with Ted Baker and begins selling Outdoor Voices as it attempts to remain an ideal wholesale partner.

What happened
  • Nordstrom has partnered with NuORDER, a software that lets brands upload their product catalogs to wholesale customers, facilitating the decision-making process behind inventory buys and merchandising with a two-way interface. Ted Baker, which has a long-standing wholesale partnership with Nordstrom, will use NuORDER to streamline and strengthen its relationship with the department store.
Why it matters
  • Efforts like these on the part of Nordstrom make the department store an ideal wholesale customer for legacy brands and digitally-native brands alike. Though many brands (Michael Kors and Rimowa, for instance) are honing in on direct sales channels in order to achieve higher margins—and, in doing so, fleeing struggling department stores to avoid brand dilution—Nordstrom still appeals to its brand partners, helping it stay competitive. This is especially important as more digitally-native brands flock to department stores, entering third-party doors. NuORDER will help brands at Nordstrom facilitate a multi-channel strategy, which more are embracing in order to expand their presence and tap into a variety of markets simultaneously.
  • Beyond legacy players, Nordstrom has become a favorite wholesale customer for digitally-native brands. In 2017, Everlane was featured at PopIn@Nordstrom. Then, Reformation partnered with the department store in June 2018, followed by Outdoor Voices this November. These deals have helped infuse fresh inventory and personality into the department store while many of its peers struggle, and also bring new audiences to digital brands at a lower price than if they opened storefronts of their own.