Peloton launches a hotel finder, giving cyclists greater access to the brand, regardless of physical location.

WHAT HAPPENED: The company’s search tool helps travelers locate Peloton-friendly hotels, allowing them to view and easily book a room with one of its brand partners.

Why it matters

  • Like Tripadvisor for cyclists, Peloton’s tool includes information about how many of its bikes are available at a given hotel’s fitness center and the bikes’ unique features (e.g. bike weights), allowing users to directly book a room. Users can also contribute to the database with their own hotel recommendations and the site gives hotels a way to reach out about a Peloton partnership. These bikes are available for both member and commercial use. Clearly, the interest in a Peloton hotel finder existed for the company to capitalize on: A cursory Google search brings up a Reddit page about where to find hotels outfitted with Peloton bikes, and blog posts by Fittest Travel and Peloton Buddy (unaffiliated with the company) publish lists of their own.

  • Having unbundled the stationary bicycle and cycling class from the gym, promoting its hotel partnerships is another way for Peloton to strengthen customer loyalty by providing cyclists with the resources they need to continue their workouts even when they’re traveling. Essentially, the hotel finder lets consumers view the world on Peloton’s pedals, building its brand through convenience. This will be important as home fitness continues to grow, as recently seen with Best Buy’s decision to sell stationary bikes, rowing machines and treadmills with class streaming capabilities, and as SoulCycle builds out its loyalty program and perks.


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