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As Facebook advertising costs rise, digitally-native brands turn to traditional advertising

A Warby Parker pamphlet arrives in the mail. A Glossier billboard hovers above Houston Street. Clones of an Away wheatpaste coat a construction barrier. A Stitch Fix TV ad blares from the television. This marketing shift toward brand advertising is an interesting turn of events for the…

Big brands need to unbundle themselves if they want to survive

Gap, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and Fitch, J.Crew and Aeropostale have thousands of people on staff, hundreds of retail stores, and complex global supply chains. But having largely failed to deliver shoppers better products, inspiring brands and exciting retail experiences, they are now…

The gift and curse of Amazon’s margin mentality

Amazon has an entirely different view of margin than most other companies. One of CEO Jeff Bezos’ most well-known quotes is, “Your margin is my opportunity,” signaling the company’s intention to use its scale to significantly drive down prices for consumers.


The latest news on everything Amazon.

PrimeTime: Prime Video converts viewers into shoppers, Amazon issues first big AmazonBasics product recall, seeks to win over small businesses with new credit card, raises transportation fees for suppliers and prevents shoppers from making low-priced single-item purchases

The latest news on everything Amazon   Amazon’s Prime Video strategy prioritizes converting viewers into shoppers—documents recently released illustrate that its video customers renew and buy subscriptions at higher rates than those who…

PrimeTime: Amazon goes after lower-income customers, strikes multi-year contract with Whole Foods, but leaves small grocery vendors worried, makes Prime Pantry a monthly subscription, discusses partnership with banks to create Amazon checking account product

The latest news on everything Amazon   Amazon continues to go after lower-income customers, infiltrating Walmart territory with a discounted Prime membership for Medicaid recipients. The membership costs 54% of a regular Prime membership…