Next-generation retail strategy and infrastructure for leading brands and retailers.

Retail is alive™ 

The Challenge

Building a brand tomorrow will always be more expensive than it is today. As a result, digitally-native brands are now moving offline. But retail today is no longer about putting products on shelves and having employees restock them. 

It’s about offering a compelling reason for a shopper to get off her couch.

The Team

Richie Siegel — Founder and CEO

Loose Threads’ deep understanding of rising customer acquisition costs and the changing online and offline landscape, as well as our interest in sustainable growth, positions us to effectively serve customers in building retail strategy and infrastructure from scratch or evolving what they already have.

Rebekah Kondrat — Partner

Rebekah leads retail operations at FaceLift, helping our clients build flexible yet scalable retail businesses. She was previously Director of Retail Stores at Joybird, a furniture company recently acquired by La-Z-Boy. Before that, she was the Regional Store Manager at Outdoor Voices, and one of the first five Store Leaders at Warby Parker.

Jason Richter — Exclusive Real Estate Partner

Jason has spent the majority of his career as an in-house executive for the nation’s largest developers and retailers. He has personally been involved in over 2,000 deals, working with leading brands (Apple, Victoria’s Secret, Gap, J.Crew and Starbucks) and landlords. He acts as an outsourced full-service real estate department for emerging brands, allowing them to go to market at warp speed.

Our Services

If retail will play a crucial role in your brand’s future, you need to accelerate—not outsource—it.

Think of us as your on-ramp: We’ll help you build the engine and then let you take over the wheel when you’re ready.


Creating 360-degree retail strategies.

Locate & Lease

Selecting the right neighborhoods and spaces, and running a disciplined negotiation process.

Model & Analyze

Defining, forecasting and reaching your financial goals.

Design & Build

Designing and building spaces with best-in-class partners.

Hire & Train

Hiring and training next-generation retail teams.

Assess & Unify

Building the technical and operational infrastructure to scale.

Market & Evolve

Marketing and changing the store to meet your customers’ needs.

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