To: Yael Aflalo, Founder and CEO of Reformation

Dear Yael,

It’s been exciting to watch Reformation’s rise, which has proved that high-quality, tasteful clothing can be made and marketed with sustainability at the forefront. Few companies can claim this, let alone at Reformation’s scale.

But what comes next? How can you double down on this mission in ways that propel the brand to the next level? There’s a big opportunity to engrain your sustainable mission even deeper in the minds of shoppers, while doing it in a way that is strictly Reformation.

Here’s one idea.

Launch the RefChallenge.  

Reformation’s sustainability stance reflects your brand identity: understated yet matter-of-fact. But this mentality can be pushed much further.

Building off of RefScale, which tracks the ecological impact of every product you make, the RefChallenge would allow shoppers to track the sustainability impact of their purchases themselves. Each purchase could then unlock a challenge, which would encourage the buyer to accomplish a sustainable—but still attainable—task in her own life: a week without using plastic water bottles, starting a compost bin, or a month without purchasing synthetic fabrics. These are positive steps your own customers can take to better their lives and the world around them, while tracking it all on their Reformation profile.

From there, shoppers could unlock different social media-inclined images featuring the benefits of participating in different RefChallenges, similar to the posts that Reformation shares on Instagram. Importantly, this gives customers a way to share their affinity with the brand and its mission, which is not that easy to do right now.

RefChallenge is not about competition, but about encouraging your customers to integrate sustainable and ethical practices into their lives in a practical way. It follows in the steps of the Lazy Person’s Guide to Recycling, which reduces friction and helps more in the Reformation community dispose of old and unwanted clothes in a responsible way.

RefChallenge wouldn’t be a traditional loyalty program—it will likely drive more sales and enhance brand awareness in a not-so-linear way, which is exactly why it should work. Most importantly, it will extend the values and incentives you already offer your employees to give back to their neighborhoods—this time, on a much grander scale and in a way that will grow allegiance to the Reformation community.

This is just one idea among many that would further Reformation’s growth in a manner that is entirely native to the brand. Let me know if you would like to hear more.

Richie Siegel
Founder and Lead Analyst
Loose Threads