To: Leo Seigal, Co-founder and CEO of Pop & Suki

Dear Leo,

When Pop & Suki launched in the fall of 2016, it entered a category where shoppers already had plenty of options. But your product releases took a different direction, prioritizing individuality and personalization, rather than cookie-cutter items, and promoting a brand and founding story predicated on celebrating friendship and modern aesthetics.

But as you continue to grow the brand, the question becomes how you can use Poppy and Suki’s long-lasting friendship to drive the company forward, while also serving as a destination for friends to shop together and share new experiences. You’ve dabbled with this idea in your campaign imagery featuring friends and the “best friends” keychains, but there is more to capitalize on if you catalyze this channel even further.  

Here’s one idea about how to do it.

Launch TwinningTag.

Friendship is at the core of the brand, but right now, customers can’t use Pop & Suki as a vehicle to showcase and deepen their own friendships. What if you launched a new offering called a TwinningTag that allows friends to buy products together—as a duo, a group or even as a couple?

Buying two or more of any customizable product on the site, this bundle would allow friends to both access a better price point and personalize the product with their friendship. Shoppers could embellish their products with the date they first met and the location of the encounter, which you could then convert into latitude and longitude. The numbers—which the shopper could choose to place on the outside or inside of her product—would serve as a conversation starter, compelling her to share her friendship story and talk about how Pop & Suki is extending it. It would also enhance the value of the product altogether. For example, 34.100633, -118.342451 would represent Teddy’s, where Poppy and Suki first met in November 2013.

This product offering has two resounding effects:

  • It substantially increases your average order value by bundling two products together and offering personalization that’s only possible in a multi-product order. It also lowers your customer acquisition costs since people would learn about the brands in droves from people they trust—their friends.
  • It shifts the consumer psychology that buying something your friend already has is negative. Instead, a TwinningTag creates a unique value proposition for customers who want to purchase an item to commemorate a cherished friendship—a product that will be shared and enjoyed for years between friends. This is a much stronger dynamic than traditional referral programs or relying solely on word-of-mouth.  

Building gifting and referral programs that have embedded, organic growth are proven and efficient ways to expand without constantly paying to acquire more and more customers. They also deepen the relationship between the brand and its existing and potential customers.

This is one idea among many that would help take Pop & Suki to the next level. Let me know if you would like to hear more.

Richie Siegel
Founder and Lead Analyst
Loose Threads