Our invite-only and entirely off-the-record gathering for founders, executives and investors.

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As a founder, executive or investor in the consumer economy, you deserve a conference built exclusively for your needs and sensibilities. Loose Threads Live puts you in conversation with the leaders defining the next decade and empowers you to evolve your own strategic blueprint.

WHEN: October 3rd, 2019

WHERE: NeueHouse, New York City


There are two tracks, each with seven sessions. Guests are free to attend sessions in either or both tracks, which fall into the following buckets. 

Retail Is Alive Track

The retail landscape is changing at a brisk pace, with thousands of stores closing and hundreds of new ones opening every year. This void has created immense opportunity for the brands, retailers and real estate developers charting their path forward. This track will arm you with the strategic and tactical depth required to understand where retail real estate, staffing and training, flagship stores, localized marketing and design are headed and how to take advantage of it all.

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Rapidly-Evolving Strategy Track

As the fundamental pillars of business, from channel strategy to technology reshape everything in front of and behind the scenes, leaders need to understand where to position themselves for the coming years—not the coming months. This track will give you the tools to assess your product strategy, approach to sustainability, underlying business model, customer acquisition plan and capital requirements. You’ll walk away with a new toolkit that you can deploy for any challenge on the horizon.

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As the captain of your ship, you need to understand the strategic shifts and opportunities affecting the consumer landscape and discover the right partners to realize it. We created Loose Threads Live to catalyze connections, strategic thinking and action. This is not a conference—it’s an expedition.

High-level, curated attendees 

A high-level gathering is only as good as its weakest link. With only 100 seats available, we’re putting high-caliber and wide-reaching leaders together for a single day, without the distraction of endless vendors and junior employees. You’re here for a reason.

Off the record

Press and social media turns human executives into corporate robots. Loose Threads Live is entirely off-the-record, giving you the opportunity to speak your mind and challenge your beliefs—without the fear that someone will twist your words in the public sphere, and without going on autopilot.

Active, not passive

Close your laptops for some real face time. Our intimate gathering will set the stage for dynamic discussions and longer Q&A sessions with your fellow attendees and speakers. After each session, you will have ample time to carry on the conversation.

Quality of content

Instead of overloaded panels and pay-to-play speaking opportunities, our curated schedule and dynamically moderated discussions will challenge your assumptions and open your mind to new ideas and approaches.

Featured Speakers

Our speakers are founders, CEOs and executives who are creating the next wave of digitally- native and direct-to-consumer brands. We will release additional speakers in the lead up to the conference.

Michelle Cordeiro Grant — Lively. Jacquelyn De Jesu — Shhhowercap. Nate Checketts — Rhone.  Abe Burmeister — Outlier. Holly Thaggard — Supergoop.  Bryan Mahoney — Arfa. Alexandra Fine — Dame Products. Ariane Goldman — HATCH. Dan Widmaier — Bolt Threads. Nicole Bassett — The Renewal Workshop. Jesse Derris — Derris. Ryan Babenzien — GREATS. Camilla Marcus — west~bourne. Allison Hyers — Formerly West Elm. Rob Petrozzo — Rally Road. Andrew Deitchman — New Stand. Sarah Ball — WSJ. Magazine. Dave Cho — Soko Glam & Then I Met You. Sara McElroy — Silver Shoe Designs. Ben Kaufman — CAMP. Michael Pollak — Heyday. Stef Foster — steffoster design. Jeff Carvalho — Highsnobiety. Alex Nemeroff — Dynamo.


Loose Threads Live is invite-only, and all guests who are not Loose Threads Members need to purchase a ticket. Once accepted, you can choose from the following ticket packages. Any attendee wishing to join Loose Threads Membership at the Plus or Team tier will be able to credit the cost of their ticket toward a Membership.
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Retail Is Alive Track

Rapidly-Evolving Strategy Track

Breakfast by west~bourne
Opening Remarks
How Long-Term Leases Are Enabling Short-Term Experiences — Rob Petrozzo of Rally Road and Ben Kaufman of CAMP.
How To Navigate Breadth Versus Depth in Your Product Assortment — Nate Checketts of Rhone and Jackie De Jesu of SHHHOWERCAP
How To Make The Most Out Of Creative Real Estate Deals — Andrew Deitchman of New Stand and Jason Richter of Capricorn
How to Drive Sustainability From Top, Bottom—or Both — Nicole Bassett of The Renewal Workshop and Dan Widmaier of Bolt Threads
How to Build a Tech Stack Worth Bragging About — Bryan Mahoney of Afra and Alex Nemeroff of Dynamo
Lunch by west~bourne
Loose Threads Research Presentations
How Brands Are Putting Their Employees, Not Their Customers, First — Camilla Marcus of west~bourne and Allison Hyers, formerly of West Elm/J.Crew
How to Maximize Fundraising and Exit Optionality — Michelle Cordeiro Grant of Lively and Ryan Babenzien of Greats
Why Brands Need To Master Retail Marketing And How Retail Is Marketing — Ariane Goldman of HATCH and Charles Gorra of Rebag
Why Brands Are Bundling and Unbundling Traditional Business Models — Holly Thaggard of Supergoop and Michael Pollak of Heyday
How Brands Are Pushing The Envelope Of Store Design — Stef Foster of steffoster design and Sara McElroy of Silver Shoe Design
How To Master the Changing Role Of The Press — Sarah Ball of WSJ. Magazine and Jesse Derris of Derris
Why Retailers Are Becoming Brands And Brands Are Becoming Retailers — Dave Cho of Soko Glam and Jeff Carvalho of Highsnobiety
How To Balance Product- And Marketing-Driven Growth — Alex Fine of Dame and Abe Burmeister of Outlier
Happy Hour


Loose Threads

Loose Threads provides guidance and research for next-generation consumer companies. We work with leading brands, retailers and real estate developers to understand what is driving the consumer economy and how they can best respond to increasingly rapid change with holistic, long-term growth strategies, both online and offline. Our offering includes Loose Threads Membership, Loose Threads Advisors, and the Loose Threads Newsletter and Podcast.

FaceLift by Loose Threads

FaceLift incubates and accelerates retail for leading brands and retailers. We work with brands in three main Tracks that accelerate your retail journey; Programs that solve and strengthen your retail footprint; and Services that fill gaps in your retail infrastructure. This approach requires an immense amount of depth, communication and embedding from FaceLift to help our clients succeed, and in order to provide this level of experience, we’re building FaceLift to work with a small number of clients at a time. This ensures our clients have access to the resources and attention they need to thrive. Our goal is to be the best, not the biggest.