As digital ad costs continue to swell with no sign of stopping—the average cost of a Facebook ad rose more than 16 times between 2011 and 2018 alone—analyzing and diversifying your marketing strategy will only become more integral to your brand’s health and sustainability.
The Megaphone Report by Loose Threads is a quarterly benchmark analyzing the digital marketing strategies of 55 digitally-native and traditional consumer brands and retailers. 

The Megaphone Report is exclusively available to Plus, Team and Premier Members. 


Our research calculates and classifies marketing via two different channels: email marketing and paid digital marketing, which includes Facebook and Instagram. Our analysis of these channels gives you an inside look at how consumer brands and retailers are navigating the marketing landscape, while allowing you to benchmark your own company’s marketing efficiency.

Surveyed companies are identified by Origin (Traditional, meaning it started either offline or both offline and online; or Digital, meaning it started online only) and Type (Brand or Retailer). When relevant, brands and retailers are analyzed separately.

Facebook and Instagram advertising

Loose Threads surveys all active paid Facebook & Instagram advertisements during the middle of each quarter. For special reports, data is captured during the pertinent week, such as during the Black Friday long weekend.

As Facebook and Instagram ads run on the same ad manager, they are surveyed together.

Email marketing

Loose Threads receives emails from each brand and retailer in the Megaphone roster. Our current approach is grounded in surveying how these brands market to a potential customer, versus an existing one.

Methodology update 08/19

Between Q1 and Q2 2019, Facebook discontinued its previous ad manager tool and launched the Facebook Ad Library. The methodology of the Ad Library counts more ads than the old tool, drastically increasing the number of ads to such an extent that certain time-based comparisons (e.g. the number of ads that a company ran in Q1 2019 versus Q2 2019) are not statistically accurate. As a result, we have not included these comparisons in the Q2 2019 Megaphone Report, relying instead on percentage comparisons that are both precise and accurate. Going forward with the Ad Library as our baseline, we will bring these comparisons back once the data is consistent. 

Custom Reports 

Each quarter we collect a wealth of data on dozens of brands and retailers. While we only write about a fraction of it in each report, we can create custom research and analysis for your brand if we are tracking it, or we can add your brand to our survey for the future. Get in touch below if you are interested.

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