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Wild, Wild Wellness Part II: How to market a brand as a wellness opportunity that surpasses ephemerality and endures in the long run

Brands in the wellness sector are preventive and additive by nature—they enhance one’s health and stave off future afflictions, without necessarily manifesting any visible effects. Many product ingredients have legitimate benefits (ginger, for example, is an anti-inflammatory, and collagen improves…

Wild, Wild Wellness: The risks and opportunities of operating in lawless territory

Self-care is grounded in taking agency over one’s own wellbeing—an action that naturally exhibits in purchasing behavior, which consumer brands are keen to capitalize on. Surpassing your typical “shopping therapy,” new products are inundating the space faster than regulators can keep up. But for…

Wild, Wild Wellness Part I: How to establish trust with consumers despite—and with the help of—the regulatory vacuum

Across all product categories, consumers demand to know more about what they are buying—from product formula to manufacturing process and supply chain. This is all the more critical in the wellness market given its potential impact on health—increasingly so for ingestible and applicable products.…