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Brands and Retailers

Look to Loose Threads Membership for staying up to speed on the evolving market, challenging their business models, driving professional development, understanding the competitive landscape and guiding overall strategy.

Real Estate Professionals

Look to Loose Threads Membership for understanding market changes and developments, learning about up and coming companies and prospect tenants, and better positioning themselves to take advantage of new opportunities and mitigate the risks of ecommerce.


Look to Loose Threads Membership for market insights and overall thesis development, learning about fast-growing and long-lasting companies, and operating expertise for their portfolio companies.

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Actionable Reports

Actionable Reports that provide analysis of crucial industry developments and give you opportunities, questions and frameworks to act on them.

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Monthly Conference Calls

Discussion-based conference calls about the most recent reports.

Headquarters Hotline

A direct line to Loose Threads Headquarters for quick questions and insights.

Loose Threads Espresso

All Loose Threads Members receive complimentary access to Loose Threads Espresso, Your energizing and high-pressure filter for industry news—in context.

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Loose Threads Events

Invitations to Loose Threads Events, which are private gatherings for industry leaders. .

Special Reports

Deep dives on the future of the new consumer economy with individual case studies, questions and decision frameworks.

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