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Look to Loose Threads Membership to stay up to speed on evolving market forces, understand the competitive landscape, challenge their business model, stress-test their value proposition and drive professional development.


Look to Loose Threads Membership to understand the evolving brand and retailer ecosystem, learn about emerging brands that are looking to grow offline, evolve their legacy business models and drive professional development.

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Look to Loose Threads Membership to understand market changes and developments, learn about up-and-coming companies and prospect tenants, and better position yourself to take advantage of new opportunities and mitigate the risks that come with ecommerce.

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Our Research

Open Letters

Open letters to CEOs with advice on how to thrive in the future.

Dear Comme des Garçons: One Thing I Would Do

Comme des Garçons has pioneered a new model of creation and ownership over the almost 50 years of its existence, fostering a thriving horizontal ecosystem of brands and retail stores. No other company has the breadth and the depth that Comme does,…

Dear Triple Five Group: One Thing I Would Do

As Triple Five Group works toward the opening of American Dream Miami, you’re riding the success of your other mall properties, including Mall of America—a trailblazer in unifying theme parks with retail. Your new venture will be the biggest mall in…

Dear Hollar: One Thing I Would Do

When shoppers surf the Hollar site or app today, they can choose from thousands of products, filling up their carts with items from beauty to snacks, party supplies to toiletries, at an average of $2 to $5 dollars per SKU. Maybe while scrolling…