The consumer economy has changed more in the last ten years than it has in the previous century.

But you have less time than ever before to figure it out.

Our Focus

Given this reality, two questions shape everything we do to save you time and get to the point.


What’s happening and why does it matter to you?

We dive into major themes across the new consumer economy that impact your business so you can be proactive, not reactive.  


What does it mean for you and what should you do about it?

We put these major themes in context so you understand the implications. Then we put forth tactical solutions so you can take action and drive long-lasting growth.

Our Approach

We take an interdisciplinary approach, combining insights from fashion, apparel, beauty, CPG and hospitality—verticals that are increasingly part of the same conversation. We focus on the evolution of online and offline retail and work with companies of all sizes.

Featured Research

Our Offering

Loose Threads Members get access to forward-thinking research, events and our analysts—so you can grow the right way.

Membership includes:

Weekly Reports

Actionable thematic briefings every Tuesday that get you up to speed on crucial industry developments.

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Private Dinners

Exclusive private dinners full of energizing and provocative conversation with 8-12 peers.

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Weekly Conference Calls

Discussion-based conference calls every Thursday about the week’s Dispatch.

Strategy Sessions

Personalized and structured counsel on any topic that impacts your business

Loose Threads Live

Energizing, invite-only debates about the future of the new consumer economy.

Headquarters Hotline

A direct line to Loose Threads Headquarters for quick questions and insights.