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The Fast or Frivolous 2018 Playbook: How to build a brand that stands the test of time

Fast or Frivolous? How consumer brands are evolving, accelerating and evaporating, our flagship report from 2017, charted the rapid changes—but also continuity—that the internet brought to the consumer economy. Pre-internet, the playbook for consumer brands remained largely…

Playbook: How to balance running a for-profit company with actualizing a social mission

In today’s hyper-globalized and -politicized world, more consumer product companies are seeking to align with initiatives that ameliorate society and the world, either at inception or later in their life cycle. Whether environmental sustainability, social justice or technological…

Playbook: How to approach virality as a consumer brand

From cronuts to fidget spinners, the rise and fall of viral products are clouded in mystique. Largely outside of a company’s control, viral products gain momentum thanks to myriad external factors, as they spread throughout social networks and attract consumer attention. Still, their…

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Bi-annual reports that explore an existential topic for the consumer economy.