Even though the internet changed the landscape, the fundamental process of doing “good business” remains the same. Still, brands—particularly digitally-native ones—have struggled to grow sustainably in an atmosphere where, despite the seemingly endless venture capital, it’s harder than ever to create a meaningful, lasting brand.

With transformational changes in the last year, especially as more companies begin to see the benefits of multi-channel strategy given exponentially rising digital marketing costs and the limitations of a digital-only strategy, the Fast or Frivolous 2018 Playbook provides actionable questions and directives to help consumer brands navigate the ever-changing landscape—through the four lenses of our accompanying Insight Collection, Fast or Frivolous 2018: How consumer brands are evolving, accelerating and evaporating.

Fast or Frivolous 2018 is both a follow-up to our flagship report—a continued exploration of what 19 of the brands featured last year and others have faced over the course of 2018—and now an ongoing annual survey of the consumer brand landscape. This section accompanies:

See the Insight Collection to glean more lessons from 2018's consumer developments and how 19 brands navigated these changes.

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