What does physical retail look like in a world where tens of millions of products are readily available on the Internet? It no longer needs to be the only place where shoppers find, buy and receive products. This should free up companies to experiment and push the boundaries of what their existing and new real estate can do.

While a small crop of modern brands and legacy players are taking these changes in stride and creating truly next-generation offline concepts, most companies have not meaningfully evolved their retail strategy in decades. Physical retail’s evolution affects everything from the number of stores brands need to the size and permanence of these stores to the way they measure their performance.

This report looks at:

  • How have retail’s transactional beginnings led to the current revolution and why is this happening?
  • How are companies using physical retail to create enthralling experiences and how do they differ from traditional in-store events?
  • How are stores reinventing themselves around personalized customer service and community building and what are the results of these advances?

Featuring case studies on American Eagle, Apple, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Glossier, JCPenney, Target

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