Social media is an increasingly important channel for brands and retailers to nurture customer relations and attract a broader consumer base, particularly as mobile devices flourish. The ascent of social media has also catalyzed the expansion of live streaming. This opens up an opportunity for companies to showcase their identity and products in innovative ways, coupled with a number of benefits: engaging with customers, cultivating an interactive community, driving and accelerating sales and informing product development and inventory decisions.

This report delves into the phenomenon of live streaming, highlighting the different ways that brands, retailers and real estate professionals can and have used the channel. It also raises questions about the purpose, limitations and future of live streaming, which can open up new opportunities for brands, but whose effects can fall flat without deliberate calculation.

This report also includes a Playbook, How to Use Live Video, which features actionable directives and questions for brands, retailers and real estate professionals that you can take back to your business to drive positive change.

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