With the explosion of experience-based retail, brands, retailers and real estate professionals are at a crossroads—even those that work in the music and entertainment industries. Whereas at one time, the experience itself was enough to reel in consumers, Netflix and Hulu have plagued the movie theater business, Spotify and Apple Music have uprooted the life source of artists, and live streaming has altered the way people watch sports, affecting teams, stadiums and television networks alike. The companies that evolve their products and real estate to optimize for the experiential—and improve the experience itself—will be predisposed to secure a place in the future consumer economy.

This report examines concerts and music festivals, the sports industry, movie theaters, and the brands building communities, extracting key lessons from the companies that view entertainment as retail and retail as entertainment. Those that maximize this overlap will gain the most speed, activating what was once a more passive and transactional experience and opening up new avenues to capitalize on the experience economy.

This Insight Collection includes a Playbook, How to capitalize on the intersection of commerce and culture in an on-demand world and serves as a counterpart to Points of Departure: How brands, retailers and real estate developers are meeting customers on the go.

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