After brands and retailers went into overdrive in Q4 to capture the attention of the holiday shoppers, Q1 is the slowest quarter of the year, when consumer companies typically lack momentum. But it can also be a time to debut new strategies for the next 12 months. Our data on Q1 2019 illustrates how our roster of brands and retailers are attempting to reset the clock after the holiday period.

The Q1 2019 Megaphone Report investigated two main channels:

  • Facebook & Instagram ads for 51 brands and retailers, which ran a total of 4,404 different ads during the survey period of February 14-15, 2019. Facebook and Instagram are the two channels brands and retailers invest the most money in, even as prices continue to rise.
  • Email marketing campaigns of 51 brands and retailers, which sent a total of 1,915 emails during the survey period of January 31-March 31, 2019. Despite the level of consumer activity on Facebook & Instagram, email marketing remains crucial—not only because of rising digital advertising costs, but also because emails are the most “owned”/direct-to-consumer channel a brand has to communicate with its customers.

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