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The Filter

One piece of no-nonsense analysis that examines an important development in the consumer ecosystem, which you can read in five minutes or less.

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Loose Threads Letters

Open letters to CEOs about how to improve their businesses.

Dear Rent The Runway: One Thing I Would Do

It has been very exciting to watch Rent The Runway usher in a new model of clothing consumption—one of the first that puts sustainability at the forefront. The company has continued to scale in the face of many skeptics, and your customers have led…

Dear Away: One Thing I Would Do

Away has built an impressive toolkit to help today’s travelers, no matter where they’re going or how they’re getting there. Your mission to improve the travel experience and its innumerable encumbrances has sparked a new group of consumers who turn…

Dear The RealReal: One Thing I Would Do

With The RealReal’s network of more than 8 million members, shoppers increasingly go to you to purchase high-end consignment items. Driving your mission to extend the lifeline of luxury clothes and accessories, you connect customers with…


Long-form series about the inter-workings of the consumer, retail and commerce industries.

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