Loose Threads Newsletter — The latest analysis, podcasts and news from Loose Threads.

Loose Threads Newsletter

The latest analysis, podcasts and news from Loose Threads.

The Filter

One piece of no-nonsense analysis that examines an important development in the consumer ecosystem, which you can read in five minutes or less.

Loose Threads Letters

Open letters to CEOs about how to improve their businesses.

Dear Comme des Garçons: One Thing I Would Do

Comme des Garçons has pioneered a new model of creation and ownership over the almost 50 years of its existence, fostering a thriving horizontal ecosystem of brands and retail stores. No other company has the breadth and the depth that Comme does,…

Dear Triple Five Group: One Thing I Would Do

As Triple Five Group works toward the opening of American Dream Miami, you’re riding the success of your other mall properties, including Mall of America—a trailblazer in unifying theme parks with retail. Your new venture will be the biggest mall in…

Dear Hollar: One Thing I Would Do

When shoppers surf the Hollar site or app today, they can choose from thousands of products, filling up their carts with items from beauty to snacks, party supplies to toiletries, at an average of $2 to $5 dollars per SKU. Maybe while scrolling…


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Hosted by Richie Siegel, the Loose Threads Podcast explores the new consumer economy through the lens of the entrepreneurs navigating the industry. Each episode features an in-depth conversation with a guest about his or her founding story and how it fits into the fast-changing state of consumer goods, fashion, retail and technology. You can listen to the podcast on any player of your choice, in addition to on LooseThreads.com.