On the 5th episode of the Loose Threads Podcast, I talk with Ben Alun-Jones, CEO and co-founder of UNMADE, a fascinating fashion tech company based in London. UNMADE is building a platform that brings legacy knitwear machines into the 21st century, and reimagining the supply chain along the way.

Ben and I talked about how UNMADE got started; why they launched a direct to consumer brand to showcase their technology; how they approached personalization and supply chain as the same problem; the difference between proactive and reactive supply chains; how they built early version of the platform; the power of software to abstract away complex problems; how UNMADE seeks to maintain a relationship with the consumer while still being an enterprise company; how they explained a technology in the early days that didn’t yet exist; how can fashion tech can be more than marketing; and how UNMADE is working to only produce products that have a buyer.

This might be my favorite episode so far because it touches on everything that makes Loose Threads what it is: exploring the intersection of fashion, technology and manufacturing in the same conversation, and using this mindset to reimagine traditional problems that have plagued the fashion industry for decades.