On the seventh episode of the Loose Threads Podcast, I talk with Abe Burmeister, one of the founders of Outlier, a New York label that set out to build the future of clothing. What started as a brand aimed as casual urbanists who used bicycles as their primary method of transportation has morphed into a highly experimental, technical and refined menswear label.

We had a great talk about the founding story of Outlier; how the brand planted the seed selling online and grew the business from there; the challenges of scaling a bootstrapped business; why they decided to start producing products in Portugal, in addition to the greater New York Area; how the brand dabbled in wholesale, but ultimately retreated, which ended up fueling the next phase of growth for the company; and the perils of managing a season-less brand without much time for vacation.

Abe is an incredibly intelligent guy and it was a pleasure talking with him. We packed a lot into this episode and I hope you enjoy. Also, Outlier’s clothes are immensely comfortable, just saying.