On the 16th episode of the Loose Threads Podcast, a show about the intersection of fashion, technology and commerce, I talk with Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, the founder of Fitz, a company that starts by helping people organize their closets. From there, it recommends new products and services and helps people donate and resell old clothing all while learning more and more about its customers.

It became clear early on in our discussion that Fitz is one of the most direct to consumer companies ever. The the relationship it has with its customers is incredibly intense and intimate. At the same time, the service is agnostic to shifts in trend and brands, acting as a service layer on top of all of the noise. My head was kind of spinning after this interview because Fitz seems to nail everything that is relevant in the fashion and consumer space today while also having the flexibility to evolve with time. Even though the company only officially launched a few months ago, I would definitely keep an eye on what they’re working on. Once the technology becomes visible to customers, what seems like an already great service only gets better. This was one definitely of the most fascinating discussions I’ve had in a while.