On the 18th episode of the Loose Threads Podcast, a show about the intersection of fashion, technology and commerce, I talk with Andrew Lipovsky, the founder of Eponym, a company that designs, manufactures and sells eyewear for a range of fashion and apparel brands.

Luxottica is the omnipresent name in the eyewear space, which many know from the now infamous 60 Minutes special on the company’s dominance. But Eponym set out to build a vertical eyewear license focused on brands that the big guy ignored. It’s a really interesting story about new players entering an age-old space, and how the internet has opened up the surface area for competition no matter how big a company’s monopoly seems to be.

It was great talking with Andrew about the evolution of Eponym into a vertical licenser, and how such a move made perfect sense for the eyewear market. Focus is one of the most underrated aspects of business. it’s important that the industry has companies like Eponym that are specialized and lend that expertise to brands who can benefit but shouldn’t go it alone.