Today we released the 50th episode of the Loose Threads Podcast.

I started the podcast with a simple goal: to have candid, detailed conversations with leaders across the consumer economy. My original impulse was to discuss a guest’s strategy, operations and aspirations, creating a place for them to share their story in their own words, beyond the soundbits and short clips that most other interviews result in.

Almost two years in, I’m proud that the podcast is a core pillar of Loose Threads, which we will continue investing in for years to come.  

Here are some stats about the first 50 episodes:

  • 70% of the guests have been male and 30% have been female.
  • 60% of the guests run brands, 15% tech companies, 8% manufacturing companies, 8% retailers, 4% marketplaces and 4% are journalists.
  • 40% of the guests do not operate permanent retail stores, 34% have retail stores and 26% are experimenting with retail.
  • 56% of guests work in fashion or apparel, 28% in footwear and accessories, 12% in home goods and 5% in media.

As we bring you the next 50 episodes, we have a number of goals that will further improve the podcast:

  • 50% of the next fifty guests should be women and/or people of color. We are committed to a more diverse representation for our guests and our listeners, and will prioritize this heavily.  
  • A significant number of guests should hail from outside New York, San Francisco and LA, as we hope to explore other leaders building companies both domestically and internationally.
  • Other categories beyond fashion and apparel should have more representation as we explore new markets and audiences across the consumer economy.

If you have a company that falls into any of the buckets above or know someone that does, feel free to get in touch. If you have feedback or ideas about how to improve the podcast let us know.

Thanks to everyone for listening so far. We have a lot more coming that we can’t wait to share with you.

Richie Siegel
Founder and CEO
Loose Threads