Today we published the 100th episode of the Loose Threads Podcast. What started on a whim almost three years ago has grown to become a central pillar of everything we are building at Loose Threads.

When we published our 50th episode, we made three commitments that would guide us on the way to 100:

  • 50% of the next 50 guests should be women and/or people of color. We are committed to a more diverse representation for our guests and our listeners, and will prioritize this heavily.  
  • A significant number of guests should hail from outside New York, San Francisco and LA, as we hope to explore other leaders building companies both domestically and internationally.
  • Other categories beyond fashion and apparel should have more representation as we explore new markets and audiences across the consumer economy.

I’m proud to share that:

  • 58% of our guests from episodes 50 to 100 were women.
  • 39% were in fashion/apparel (down from 48%) and 18% were in beauty (up from 0% for the first 50).
  • More of our guests came from cities outside New York, including Seattle, Austin, Portland and Los Angeles.
  • 45% of guests have retail stores (10% higher), while 37% do not and 18% are experimenting with popups (8% higher).

We are committed to furthering our work in these areas in 2019, especially as we expand beyond our single show to a roster of three different series, which will debut early next year.

We’ve published over 4,386 minutes of audio, or over 73 hours, since we started. Thanks for listening—even if it was just a single episode—and thanks to all of our guests for sharing their stories. We’re excited to for you to hear what’s next.

Richie Siegel
Founder and Lead Analyst
Loose Threads