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Cutting-edge commentary and insights on the rapidly changing consumer economy.

I’m the founder and head analyst at Loose Threads, a media company known for its in-depth analysis at the intersection of consumer, retail and commerce. There’s also a podcast, in addition to projects that track bankrupt retailers, Amazon’s growing private label brands and more.

If you’re covering these industries, I’m happy to talk through or provide insights on anything in the following areas, which I’ve studied and written about extensively. Feel free to get in touch.

— Richie

Focus Areas

Amazon’s overall commerce strategy

The imploding retail market

  • The move to a demand-driven world and how middle market retailers are doomed
  • Shifting away from a discount-driven world
  • The destruction of independent retailers in local towns across the nation

The fast fashion takeover

Direct to consumer brands

Recent Clips

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De Tijd: Amazon Expands in Belgium

Prime is that it is unlike almost every other loyalty program. It has no point system, is not about opening a branded credit card, or about one-time discounts on big purchases and, importantly, it is not just about fast shipping. Paying a fee in…

LA Times: Nasty Gal, once a fashion world darling, is now bankrupt. What went wrong?

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