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We spend an immense amount of time studying consumer industries, including fashion, apparel, beauty, cosmetics, footwear, accessories, CPG and more. Whether you’re looking for guidance for an upcoming story, want to bounce around an idea or theory, or need on-the-record commentary, we’re here to help. While you’re welcome to reach out at any time, we also offer a dedicated Press Program.

The Press Program  

We built the Loose Threads Press Program to give journalists timely access to our research and our analysts. Our goal is to help you find unique storylines and contextualize them for your audience.

The Benefits

Research and Insights

Complimentary access to Loose Threads Membership Reports.


Complimentary access to Loose Threads events, which feature energizing discussions on the future of the consumer economy. 
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Focus Areas

The digitally-native and direct to consumer brand boom 

Amazon’s expanding fashion and private label play

The evolving retail market

  • The move to a demand-driven world and how middle market retailers are doomed
  • Shifting away from a discount-driven world
  • The destruction of independent retailers in local towns across the nation

The fast fashion takeover

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