Press commentary on the shift more brands are making to prioritize direct-to-consumer channels over wholesale ones. Read the full article

On why brands want to own their sales more:

“The persistent problem here is attribution,” said Richie Siegel, the founder of consumer advisory firm Loose Threads. “Departments that need to be working together find themselves competing against each other to own a sale. But if a customer sees something in Nordstrom, goes online, puts it in their shopping cart, but then stops in the store to buy it, who owns that sale?”


The end goal — unless you’re Gucci — isn’t to cut off wholesale partners at the knees. For brands moving direct, the idea is that an overall stronger brand with loyal customers will result in a lift for everyone.

“This isn’t the death of wholesale. That’s an exaggeration,” said Siegel. “This is just retail getting better, across the board.”