Press commentary on digitally-native bedding brand Buffy, a microcosm of the larger strategy shift among nascent brands to rescind venture capital and pivot to multi-channel growth. Read the full article

On the rationale behind this strategy shift:

Buffy is part of a growing cohort of digitally native brands that are prioritizing longevity over fast growth out of the gates. It’s a sign that the category’s maturing: In the past, brands saddled with millions in VC-funding could quash competition by outspending them on flashy marketing campaigns and brand awareness. With customer acquisition becoming prohibitively expensive, young brands like Hims and Rothy’s, in addition to Buffy, are turning their attention to loyalty plays and long-term growth plans.

“There’s an idea that you can ‘blitz scale’ in retail right now — scale something so quickly and make it so available with technology to power it. That’s a fallacy,” said Richie Siegel, the founder of retail advisory company Loose Threads. “The scaling of consumer companies is a much more linear path. It’s not exponential.”