Citation from the Filter, “Walker & Company, Facebook, and the resuscitation of the CPG conglomerate,” on Walker & Company’s channel strategy as it relates to Procter & Gamble’s December 2018 acquisition and Bevel’s expanding product line. Read the full article

On Walker & Company’s evolution:

Fresh off its December 2018 acquisition by Procter & Gamble, Walker & Co.’s shaving brand Bevel launched into skin care this week in hopes of becoming the choice personal-care brand for men of color.


Walker & Co. reportedly sold for $31 million dollars and raised over $33 million in total venture capital funding. In 2017, revenue was estimated to be between $15 million and $25 million for the parent company, with an even split between retail sales and subscription sales, according to consumer analyst company Loose Threads. Bevel’s expansion into skin care also hits upon several market trends when it comes to a decline in shaving sales. “Young adults ages 18 to 34 view and approach the rituals of shaving and grooming differently than their older counterparts, which also reflects the generational shift in the expectations of shaving and hair removal,” said Olivia Guinaugh, Mintel’s home and personal-care analyst, of the declining category. According to Mintel research, adults ages 35 and older are more likely than adults ages 18 to 34 to agree that beards should be well-groomed and that women should remove facial hair, indicating that younger adults are taking a more “relaxed approach” to their shaving and hair-removal routines.