Press commentary on Adidas’ dexterity as a streetwear brand that is also partaking in high fashion through Adidas Originals. Read the full article

On Adidas Original’s NYFW-exclusive shoes for Khaite:

At this season’s New York Fashion Week, Adidas provided exclusive footwear for Khaite’s runway show that was created specifically for the show and will not be available for purchase anywhere. The footwear comes from Adidas Originals, which is the brand’s higher-end, heritage line of sportswear. Khaite previewed the shoe’s debut on Instagram on Tuesday.

“Adidas using fashion week as a launching pad makes sense for more of its niche collaborations that resonate with higher-end audiences,” said Richie Siegel, founder of consumer advisory firm Loose Threads. “The brand’s previous and ongoing higher-end work with Raf Simons and Rick Owens gives this some precedence, as does Nike’s with some of its higher-end, limited collaborations with Off-White and Supreme.”

On the opportunity of NYFW for brands like Adidas to increase exposure:

The crossover between luxury brands and streetwear brands is a story that has been told across the fashion world for a few years now. It is now common to see super upscale luxury products and affordable streetwear products being sold on the same shelves to the same customer. But using fashion week in particular as a stage for its own designs and collections feels like breaking new ground for a brand like Adidas.

“While these products won’t bring in significant revenue, they help further position these mass-market sneaker brands as tastemakers that can play at the high-end low-end of the market, furthering the brand permission as they have to mean a lot of different things to a range of different people,” Siegel said.