Press commentary on Glossier’s new sub-brand, Glossier Play. Read the full article here.

On what can be gleaned about the new sub-brand from Glossier’s public trademarks:

Though Glossier has not detailed products or categories for Glossier Play, its trademark applications offer more insight into what the brand is planning. Glossier noted in its announcement of Glossier Play that it took two years to develop; a trademark application for Glossier Play was filed May 3, 2017.

More recently, two trademarks were made publicly available for products called Showroom and Playroom — both were filed February 27, 2018, and made publicly available January 22, 2019.


There is also a trademark for Glossier Play Tetra Chrome, which is mentioned as being an eye shadow and eye makeup product. “The name [Tetra Chrome] seems like a louder and more audacious type of makeup,” said Richie Siegel, founder and lead analyst at retail consultancy Loose Threads. “It seems to be a more playful and party-like brand. If Glossier invented the no-makeup, makeup look, then this seems like a more playful cosmetics [product].”

On Glossier’s long-term strategy:

Glossier currently has two permanent showrooms — in New York City and Los Angeles — and has held various pop-ups in other cities like Chicago, San Francisco and Copenhagen, Denmark. Approximately 10 percent of Glossier sales come through the shoppable showrooms and pop-ups, according to The New York Times. Weiss has said in the past that Glossier could rapidly grow sales by expanding its distribution channels or the number of stores, but that is not something she wants to do.

“Anything Glossier does is newsworthy at this point,” said Siegel. “They are respectful and understand the position they are in. They aren’t sending 20 emails a week — it’s a very controlled and restrained approach. A lot of brands are trying to grow their top-line because they raised a lot of venture capital money, but Glossier has the patience to not piss people off [by bombarding them], and it goes a long way.”