Press commentary on how Foot Locker’s recent $12.5 million investment in Rockets of Awesome will influence the digitally-native subscription-based brand’s retail strategy. Read the full article here.

On how Rockets of Awesome can gain from Foot Locker’s offline footprint, which is heavily based in mall properties:

Even in categories that aren’t as dominated by traditional mall retailers like children’s apparel, many DTC companies still find value in mall space. Some are using empty mall spaces to test products, while department stores like Nordstrom, which often serve as mall anchors, have proven eager to partner with DTC companies.

“With the cost of digital acquisition continually rising, existing traffic centers such as malls make sense as long as people still go to them,” Richie Siegel, founder and lead analyst of consumer advisory firm Loose Threads said in an email. “While the narrative is that malls are dead, tens of millions of people still visit them on a monthly basis, and those are still valuable places to acquire customers. The more good brands a mall has, the better chance it has to continue surviving, so it’s a virtuous cycle.”