Press commentary on the rise of cashless retail—its pros, its cons and its ethics. Read the full article here.

On the logic behind ditching cash payment, which is more relevant to some customer categories than others:

Richie Siegel, founder and lead analyst of consumer advisory firm Loose Threads, said that many of the digital-first companies Loose Threads works with find that “it’s so much easier to open up a Shopify point-of-sale” when they start launching their first brick-and-mortar stores than accept cash. He says that for retailers who sell nonessential goods, like beauty products or accessories, he still doesn’t see a need or demand for them to start accepting cash.

“I think in the food area specifically is where it’s the most fraught or debated, but in other consumer categories, [accepting cash] is less of a need,” he said. “If you went to Goop and they didn’t take cash, I don’t think if many people would think of that [specifically] as elitist, because they already think of Goop as elitist.”