Press commentary on the flow of executives from established retailers to nascent brands. Read the full article here.

On the fight for talent in the consumer industry:

It’s not just a case of startups making executive-level hires from legacy brands to show off, either. For younger companies who are just starting to build out their brick-and-mortar teams, they’re more interested in recruiting employees who have a few years’ experience at a larger retail company, but is eager to go to a smaller company where they can have more of an impact. And for the employees who have made the jump from a traditional retailer to a startup, many of them say that they did so out of frustration by the bureaucracy and refusal of these legacy companies to evolve.


[Even] for those startups who do manage to poach a top executive, it can be difficult to keep them. Richie Siegel, founder and analyst at Loose Threads who has studied the DTC space, said he has recently started to see a few people in his network move from a larger retailer to a smaller startup, and then back to a larger company.

“To me, it means they’ve had enough of the startup life, or, weirdly, they’re worth more for having that startup experience,” Siegel said. “There’s undeniably a war for talent across the industry — whether you work for a little, big, medium company.”