Press commentary on digital brands’ quest to find performance marketing experts. Read the full article here.

On the specific marketing talent that digital brands are looking for:

As customer acquisition costs go up, thanks to platforms advertising costs increasingly on the rise, companies fear being short-sighted in their marketing spend. A head of performance marketing, said Kutscher, would help these businesses not “be victimized by a trend.”

Another big problem hampering most brands, explained Richie Siegel, founder of the retail consultancy Loose Threads, is an experience gap. “It’s easier to find people mid-level,” he said, who could handle managing specific channels. “It’s harder at the strategic level.”

It’s a shift in strategy that could risk dismantling the former structures of marketing teams. A traditional chief marketing officer likely no longer has the technical knowhow of an average performance marketer. Historically, the c-suite role oversaw a finite but important number of channels — usually, and most importantly, related to broader brand-awareness plays like television. Now, new platforms rise to ascendance every year — meanwhile, TV’s domination is on the decline.

As a result, a new skillset is needed, and decades of marketing experience may not be enough for a digitally native brand looking to rapidly scale. “There’s a younger crop of people that really know performance marketing,” said Siegel. “A lot of them are five years away from being at that vp level — 10 years away from the CMO level.”

It’s also, then, a leadership gap. CMOs, said Siegel, “come from a previous era.”

On the long-term implications of this shift:

The question remains whether or not this is just a hiring trend du jour or a new and lasting requirement. Digital marketing tools have become much more ubiquitous, which could give the trend some staying power. “Because everyone has access to Facebook’s ads manager a lot more people in other industries are moving to performance marketing roles,” said Hauser.

One big consideration is to whom this kind of role would answer. “I don’t know if there’s a more competitive department right now than marketing,” said Siegel. As a result, he’s seen these sorts of new roles prized with spending precious budget money to reign in new customers answer directly to either a CRO or COO. As a result, the position of the CMO may begin to wane.