Press commentary on brands’ ongoing ad channel diversification away from Facebook. Read the full article.

On the mattress brand Eight Sleep’s marketing strategy:

Klein said that Eight Sleep decided that the launch of its new mattress, called the Pod, would be a good opportunity to test out new marketing channels for a couple of reasons. One, is that it cost about double the price of its previous mattress, so the company figured that it would take customers longer to ultimately pull the trigger on purchasing. Eight Sleep wanted to get a better sense of which top-of-the-funnel platforms — the ones that people go to when they first start researching a product to buy — were most effective for them.

Second, Klein said that it felt that the mattress was different enough anything else on the market that it warranted investing advertising platforms where they could explain the value proposition more. While there are other beds on the market that have temperature adjustment, Eight Sleep said that the Pod uses artificial intelligence to do that automatically. Klein said that, in particular, the company thought that traditional radio and podcast ads lent themselves well to explaining what made the product different.


“Often the reason a podcast works is not because people like the message so much, but because they like and trust the host: ‘If she likes it then I might,’” Richie Siegel, the founder of retail consulting firm Loose Threads said in an email. But, he said “the opposite can also happen where a podcast ad goes on for a full minute and is very obtuse and people end up skipping it.”