Press commentary on SmileDirectClub’s partnerships with retailers and insurance companies. Read the full article.

On SmileDirectClub’s extension into the healthcare space:

“The premise and the promise of this whole [DTC health care space] is that it’s a huge industry, there’s a lot of repeat purchases, and so there is a huge lifetime value promise,” said Richie Siegel, founder of retail consulting firm Loose Threads. “The flip side is do that, you have to build an immense amount of trust and deliver on that trust consistently over, over, and over again.”

On DTC toothbrush companies that are offering dental insurance:

But, SmileDirectClub does have an advantage that DTC companies in other industries don’t in that it can keep prices for customers low, in spite of its high marketing costs, by striking deals with insurance companies. Aetna and United Health now both cover SmileDirectClub’s services for customers. It’s a path that other DTC health care companies will likely try to replicate, or, create their own insurance offering to create a new revenue stream, as toothbrush brand Quip recently did.

“Being able to allocate some those costs to insurance I think is hugely interesting,” Siegel said.