Press commentary on how direct-to-consumer brands are collecting customer emails in new ways. Read the full article.

“I suspect that some brands are overvaluing email subscribers in particular because their attribution model doesn’t capture the incremental value of the channel and as a result they are overstating the value of email as a channel,” Duncan Blair, director of marketing at DTC furniture brand Article said in an email. He argues that most customers would have purchased from the brand anyways, even without the discount.

Richie Siegel, founder and CEO of retail consultancy Loose Threads, said that offering first-time discounts are also a sign for many brands that 10% off their first order is a better deal than “giving Facebook another $30” to acquire that customer.

When Brian Berger, CEO of Mack Weldon, launched the men’s boxer brand in 2012, he decided not to give promos to first-time customer, because he didn’t want to train customers to expect a discount. He also thought adding a box for email capture was too intrusive, and took away space on the home page from developing a brand’s story.