Press commentary on Uniqlo’s new promotion program. Read the full article.

“It really just seems like a marketing tactic,” said Richie Siegel, founder and lead analyst for the retail consultancy Loose Threads. For one, Uniqlo is so big that a sample group to try things isn’t going to be the quickest way to receive customer comments. “They have no issue with realtime feedback,” said Siegel. What’s more, all of the products being sampled are available on the website already. So the promotion isn’t an attempt to create some type of scarcity. “It seems more like a traditional sweepstakes,” said Siegel.

This latest push comes at a pivotal time for Uniqlo. The retailer’s parent company, Fast Retailing Co, reported at its most recent earnings report global revenues of about $15.8 billion. While sales were overall up, Uniqlo USA posted an operating loss — a problem this segment continually faces. While it was able to lessen it compared to the year before, overall US sales performed worse than expected last spring. Despite the fact that the brand is popular overseas, it’s yet to maintain its stride in the United States.