Press commentary on P&G’s acquisition of the direct-to-consumer razor brand Billie. Read the full article.

“Richie Siegel, founder and lead analyst at retail consultancy firm Loose Threads, added that the timing of the announcement, the lack of acquisition price and no major press makes the deal look like either Billie was looking to sell or was in the process of raising another round and thought this was a better option. “There’s enough to make this an acqu-hire,” Siegel said.
However, Siegel said if the Billie team ends up leading the shaving division at P&G, similar to how the Harry’s and Edgewell deal shook out, it makes sense and gives Billie a “chance to play in a much bigger field.” These smaller exits and Walmart’s lackluster ecommerce acquisition strategy point to a bigger issue in the industry, according to Siegel.