Press commentary on Naadam Inc. and Matt Scanlan’s leadership over Thakoon, Something Navy and Naadam:  Read the article.

“Especially in today’s retail and consumer environment, there is not a long list of people that are proven leaders at these companies,” says Richie Siegel, founder and CEO of consumer consultancy Loose Threads. Retail executives with 20 or 30 years experience may have once been the safer choice, but if they’ve never built a digitally-native DTC brand from the ground up, they’re now considered more of a risk.

Given Thakoon’s history and Charnas’ high profile, says Siegel, “you don’t really want to mess that up. I think there’s logic behind going to someone who has done it before. The question then, of course, is how many times can they do it? And can they continue to do it simultaneously?”

“I think when you’re in the [fashion] industry for too long, you can start to lose your discipline and objectivity,” says Siegel. “[Scanlan] is not going to be emotionally invested in certain colors or fabrics and just can look at it more objectively.”