Road to Recovery Program

The Road to Recovery program is for leaders whose businesses have been impacted by COVID-19. As part of your membership, we offer strategies for survival and re-growth under a new system and set of rules. Our goal is to help you focus, make strong decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

PART I: Emerging From Crisis In A Position Of Strength

This foundational course introduces key concepts and metrics that will help guide your learning experience. We look at your business’s overall response to the current crisis and give you tools and tactics to help you make better decisions faster.
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Learning Outcomes:

  • Accurately audit your business as it currently stands and evaluate options for the path forward.
  • Plan the roadmap and build in efficiencies.
  • Organize your team around a new strategy and get everyone working towards the same goal.

Meet the Team

Our team has designed the courses in-house, building on knowledge and experiences from working at iconic brands such as Apple, Warby Parker, and Christian Louboutin. We’re now laser-focused on helping companies solve unique challenges as a result of a newly-turbulent consumer economy. Meet our team.

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Aligning Marketing And Merchandising To Drive Results

Reaching Customers Through Reimagined Retail