Fenty Beauty becomes the fastest-growing celebrity cosmetics line

What happened

  • Sales for Fenty Beauty, a cosmetics line created by Rihanna, Sephora and Kendo, were five times higher than Kylie Cosmetics in the month after its September 2017 launch. The makeup brand continues to outshine other celebrity lines, including Kat Von D and KKW by Kim Kardashian.

Why it matters

  • While brands traditionally feature light and medium skin tone models in campaigns, Fenty Beauty launched its campaign with 40 women representing every skin tone and ethnicity. Like the plus size industry, large companies across the beauty space continue to leave money on the the table for fear of ostracizing clientele, giving new brands like Fenty the opportunity to scoop out a huge and hungry market that’s often been ignored. Fenty customers are spending the most on makeup annually compared to customers of other celebrity brands, indicating a need for more high-quality products for diverse audiences.
  • With Rihanna as not only the face of the brand, but its creator, Fenty’s business model is built with minorities and authentic voices at the center. The brand is assessing the pulse of the market, where beauty vloggers and social influencers are quick to voice opinions and, as tastemakers, wield increasing power over the consumer base. In contrast to Fenty, online influencers harshly criticized Tarte’s new line of 15 foundations, which only included three options for tan and deep complexions, to which the brand quickly apologized and is reformulating its product for a re-release.