Glossier launches a new pop-up, expanding its retail footprint in a San Francisco cafe.  

What happened

  • The month-long pop-up will celebrate Glossier’s new color palette and give its home, Rhea’s Cafe, a makeover to match. All of Glossier’s product lines will be available for sampling and purchasing and all to-go purchases—whether food, beverage, or makeup—will receive custom branded packaging.

Why it matters

  • The pop-up is another way for the direct-to-consumer brand to experiment with expanding its non-traditional retail footprint. Up until now, Glossier has kept its brick-and-mortar quotient to its own showrooms and a few concept shops and pop-ups. At Rhea’s Cafe, the brand continues to realize the unique experience it wants customers to associate with Glossier, which differentiates it from other beauty retailers—CEO and Founder Emily Weiss has said that shoppers should be able to “feel the energy in the room” as they interact with products and speak with “showroom editors.”
  • Repainting a cafe in millennial pink and refurbishing it to compliment the brand’s new shades is another avenue for the brand to invite customers into the world of Glossier. This methodology also aligns with Glossier’s billboards (a new crop of which emerged this month) which transform entire landscapes—Weiss compares them to “moodboards” for the brand.